Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivir CBD Limited authorised and regulated by the FCA, MiFID or any other Financial Regulator?2020-01-23T09:50:20+01:00

No. All international financial regulators set out and attempt to protect investors by drafting and enacting, rules, regulation and legislation. Some companies perform “controlled functions” that require mandatory permissions that must be obtained from Financial Regulators.  Vivir does not perform any controlled functions. It is not a bank, fund, insurance company, credit union, or fund manager. It is a UK limited company trading and dealing predominantly within the Cannabis sector. As such it does not need any FCA permissions. That said, it DOES still need to obey certain rules, regulations and legislation prescribed by the appropriate Financial Regulator.

But if Hamilton Rose Wealth Management Ltd is acting as the ISA Plan Manager and it is authorised and regulated by the FCA doesn’t that offer my protection?2020-01-23T09:51:53+01:00

In relation to Vivir, the ISA Plan Manager is performing a very specific task; that of administering a Tax-Free ISA scheme. The fact that Hamilton Rose is an FCA authorised and regulated firm that is administering Vivir’s ISA has no bearing on Vivir’s products, services or performance. It just means that Vivir’s ISA scheme shall be administered in a correct way, and it shall be registered with HMRC.

And Andrew MacKenzie? He is a Director of Vivir and authorised and regulated by the FCA, does that give me protection?2020-01-07T23:52:25+01:00

Mr. MacKenzie performs “controlled functions” in relation to Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering issues for and on behalf of Hamilton Rose, this fact gives you no protection (apart from the comfort of knowing a fit and proper person is the Chairman of Vivir) in regard to any transaction with Vivir.

OK, so how about the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) offered by the FCA or the Deposit Guarantee Schemes (“DGS”), am I protected by these?2020-01-07T23:53:00+01:00

There is a lot of confusion as to Compensation Schemes, and some of the less-honest Bond Issuers try to fudge the issue; it is really very straightforward. When dealing with Vivir, there are only 2 possible scenarios whereupon you might be covered under any Compensation Scheme;

  1. You took financial advice from an authorised and regulated Financial Advisor, and that Financial Advisor, having taken into account your individual financial circumstances advised you to subscribe for the Vivir Bonds, and in doing so; incorrectly advised you due to your attitude to risk and personal circumstances, or the advisor acted wrongfully.
  2. Hamilton Rose acting as the ISA Plan manager act wrongfully in administering your ISA account.

In all other matters relating to Vivir, its Bonds, business, performance and contractual obligations, neither the FCA / MiFID nor the FSCS/DGS afford any protection to Bondholders.

Can I transfer my Bonds to another person?2020-01-07T23:53:27+01:00

Yes, all Bonds may be transferred to one party to another without penalty or cost.

Can I cash-in or withdraw my money before the 5-year maturity date?2020-01-27T16:11:05+01:00

Yes, all Bondholders can submit “Withdrawal Requests” after the first 6 months. Normal withdrawals take 90 days from the date of request to pay out. Urgent Withdrawal Requests are paid out within 5 days (subject to an urgent administration fee).  Vivir protects the interest of all of its Bondholders by restricting encashment levels” to 15% of annual subscriptions. What does that mean? Simply put… no business would ever survive if every single investor wanted to withdraw all of their money all on the same day; Vivir therefore limits withdrawals to 15% of the current year subscriptions. Why 15%? A lot of funds use this figure, and the current average of bank capital across the entire EU is 14.2% (from 5.3% in June 2011). We do not believe that more than 15% of a particular year’s investors would want to cash-in a Bond paying them 1% per month. If by chance your withdrawal request does happen to fall into a very busy period where more than 15% of Bondholders have withdrawn early, then you are simply placed next in line.

Are there any penalties for cashing-in early?2020-01-27T16:12:22+01:00

No, Vivir does not charge penalties.

Is the interest and profit I make in the Vivir IFISA tax-free?2020-01-07T23:54:13+01:00

Yes, as long as you have kept to your annual permitted ISA allowance, and the UK Government keeps the ISA allowances and tax exclusions in place.

Can I invest in different currencies apart from British Pounds?2020-01-07T23:54:34+01:00

Yes, Vivir will enter into Pound, Euro and Dollar instruments.

What discount do I get on Vivir CBD products?2020-01-27T16:08:12+01:00

All Bondholders receive a 30% discount on the recommended retail price of all Vivir products. In addition, as an introductory bonus, all new investors receive a welcome pack of Vivir products.

Am I permitted to sell Vivir CBD products that I purchase at discount?2020-01-07T23:55:14+01:00

Yes, some investors increase their annual income (in addition to their 1% per month interest) by purchasing our products at a 30% discount and then on-selling them. Combining the points below can make for an extremely lucrative annual income.

  • the profits made on Vivir Product sales, and
  • the commissions paid in terms of the investor referral program, and
  • the excellent interest rates offered on the Bond itself, and
  • the Vivir Profit-Share Participation
What is the referral bonus, and how is it paid?2020-01-07T23:55:52+01:00

Each Bondholder receives a 5% investor referral commission for every new investor they introduce. Vivir recognises, that when an existing Bondholder introduces a new investor, we do not need to pay any of the following sales and marketing costs:

  • Internet and Website Marketing,
  • Google AdWords and Facebook advertising,
  • TV, Radio or Printed adverts,
  • Recruitment costs
  • Sales and Marketing training courses
  • Printed brochures and marketing material.
  • So, you can see why we are more than happy to pay you a 5% introduction fee.
How is my interest paid?2020-01-07T23:56:10+01:00

Your 1% interest payment is made on the 5th day of the month for the previous calendar month. All interest payments, referral commissions, introduction fees and profit-share payments are made directly to your chosen bank account.

How are my funds protected?2020-01-07T23:56:39+01:00

OK, this bit is slightly technical, but we’ll try to keep it as straight-forward as possible. Imagine an independent third-party holding the keys to a vault; and in that vault we placed:

  • 100% of the shareholding in Vivir CBD Limited.
  • The ownership (title) of all moveable and non-moveable assets of Vivir CBD Limited.
  • All Promissory and Loan Notes in favour of Vivir CBD Limited.
  • All Intellectual Property, Grow-Licences, Laboratory Permits, Hybrid Strains.
  • Logos, brand and trading identities, websites.
  • Client databases lists and goodwill.
  • Directorships and access to bank accounts.

And that Independent third-party regularly checked the value of all of those assets and held them under lock and key in favour of the investors, just in case Vivir didn’t pay its capital and interest payments.  Our Security Trustee holds a fixed and floating debenture, which forms part of a cession (basically all of the shares and assets of Vivir are pledged to the Bondholders in security of their investment).

How do I buy CBD products from Vivir?2020-01-07T23:56:52+01:00

You go to the Vivir Shop on our website, you do your shopping, go to “shopping cart” and then enter your Bond Certificate Number as the “Promo Code” which will then apply the 30% discount on all of your purchases.

What is a Convertible Bond and how does it affect me?2020-01-27T16:09:16+01:00

Securities fall into two main categories; Equity and Debt; this Corporate Bond is a Debt Security, Debt Securities are essentially Banknotes, Bonds and Debentures. Equity Securities on the other hand are Stock and Shareholding. A Convertible Bond is a Debt Security that can be converted into an Equity Security. The Vivir Bond is a Reversible Convertible Bond. What does that mean?

  • Essentially, you subscribe for a Bond at £1.00, Vivir pays you interest on the Bond at 00.01p per month for five years, or until you cash-in the Bond.
  • When you cash in the Bond, you will receive your £1.00 back again.
  • If Vivir converts the Bond, it has to list its Stock (shares) on a Recognised Exchange, covert the Bond to Equity, and in addition increase the value of the equity (stocks and shares) exchanged for the Bond by an additional 12% (£00.12)
    • thus, in the event of a Conversion 3 years after the date of investment; the Bondholder would have received 1% per month for a period of 36 months = 36% (£00.36) in interest payments, plus Vivir would need to pay an additional conversion bonus of 12% (£00.12) (twelve months interest) in Equity. Therefore, after conversion the Bondholder would have received 36% (£00.36) in interest and would hold 112% (£01.12) in Equity.
    • Total 36 months gain: 48% (£00.48).
Are there career opportunities with Vivir CBD?2020-01-07T23:57:33+01:00

Vivir is always on the look-out for budding entrepreneurs, and more experienced business-people possibly looking for a change of direction later on in their career. We very often partner or joint venture with some of our Bondholders to help kick-off their business in many diverse geographic locations. Whether you want to make a living introducing investors or simply selling or products, we’re happy to hear from you.

Still have questions?2020-01-07T23:57:45+01:00

If you’re still unsure, have questions on our documentation, or need data or information you can’t find, just call, or email us, and we’ll get right back to you.

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