Use of funds & proceeds

Having described the market sector and environment in which Vivir trades, it is important to understand the methodology behind generating profit-streams. Vivir generates profit from 4 (four) different routes to market:

• The sale of raw product (Cannabis leaf) – Third-party processing companies that do not have the required cultivation licenses need to purchase raw product from companies such as Vivir.

• The sale of processed or refined product (wholesale or retail) – Some third-party companies offering branded CBD products need to establish a reliable source of CBD oil on a “white label” basis, so that they can brand the product as their own.

• The acquisition of equity in newly incorporated (start-ups) Cannabis cultivation and processing companies with the relevant regulatory licences. – Vivir looks to establish many joint ventures with as many third-party cultivators and processers as possible.

• The provision of funds to established Cannabis cultivation and processing companies at favourable interest rates to include stock options, produce discounts, or other beneficial terms in favour of Vivir.

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Use of Proceeds.
How does Vivir use the proceeds of Subscriptions to the Bonds?

The proceeds of all subscriptions for the Bond(s) shall be used to enhance and augment the existing business model of Vivir, and to cover the allied administration, management and insurance costs thereof, including but not limited to:

  • Attracting specialists and focused consultants to further expand the business model of Vivir.
  • Acquiring additional cultivation land and expand into other territories.
  • Constructing and equipping laboratory and processing plants in new territories.
  • Expanding the Vivir franchise and white label opportunities into new territories.
  • Investing into research and development programs to establish a deeper understanding of the relationship between CBD and the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Building stronger relationships with Vivir’s third-party associate business partners and Fund Recipients; especially focused upon taking stronger equity and debt participations in third-party Fund Recipients.
  • Attract further ongoing investment, employ and/or contract with investment introducers and pay remuneration accordingly.
  • Each Bondholder may at any time request access to the financial reports of Vivir in order to ascertain and confirm that the Use of Proceeds is as herein contained and described.