Market Sector Overview

Vivir was incorporated with the specific intention of trading within and lending into the organic extract pharmaceutical market sector and is administered and managed by experts within the sector.

Vivir has specialised in the production of Cannabis extracted oils and creams for use in the medical and pharmaceutical markets, and now intends to acquire more raw products through two main strategies:

  • The purchase, acquisition, or joint-venture partnership with global licenced Cannabis cultivators in order to establish a reliable, consistent stream of raw product.
  • To initiate more grow-cycles, acquire more cultivation land and construct additional processing plants, research and development laboratories.

Established in the Marketplace

Vivir has a strong presence in the marketplace unlike many new start-up companies hoping to obtain licences, and then on-sell them at a profit.

Valuable Industry Partnerships

Vivir’s experts were early entry investors in the CBD market sector.

Cannabidiol is completely legal

CBD is completely different to the hallucinogenic drug that causes a high.

Endorsed by World Health Organisation

Cannabidiol has no side effects or dependence potential, as confirmed by the World Health Organsiation.

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Established strong presence

Vivir has already established a strong presence and reputation in the marketplace and is one of only 26% of Cannabis companies that already have branded products distributed into the mainstream retail markets. Many Cannabis companies are newly formed “start-up” companies hoping to obtain grow-licences in order to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market sector, a high percentage of these companies have no intention of remaining in the market, but hope to sell their newly acquired licences at a profit, and exit the sector.


Considerable experience

Vivir’s corporate consultants and experts were early-entry corporate investors into the Cannabidiol (CBD) market-sector, and as such have forged valuable partnerships and gained considerable experience well before the current wave of new investment into research, development and growth of the Cannabis sector.


What is Cannabidiol?

It is important to understand the difference between the legal and beneficial medical advancements in terms of the extraction of the CBD, and the “recreational” hallucinogenic drug that causes a “high”. CBD itself stands for Cannabidiol, and the World Health Organisation has stated “In Humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential… To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD”.


CBD Market Analysis

The global demand for cannabis products in 2019 is in the region of $ 350 billion, and is growing on a geographic and legislative level. Countries that have legalised Medical Cannabis have seen the highest increase in demand.

As these newly legalised countries start to prescribe and branch out into the benefits of Medical Cannabis there will be a corresponding rise in demand and price.